Friday, July 26, 2013

The Past Few Months...

As of late, I haven’t been on the water as much as in years past.  Between my work load and the weather, it has been frustrating trying to plan any attack. Now that I live in Hampton, I have spent a good amount of time just scouting new waters.  Here are some photos that summarize my spring and early summer.

Back in April I made the drive north to Richmond to hangout and fish the MS Shad Shootout.  This is the second year that Thom has held this event. It just keeps growing in fun and size of the turnout.  To learn more about the Shad Shootout and this years recap click here MS Shad Shootout.

This fat 35" Blue Catfish secured me the win and I won the Calcutta.  Whoohoo!

To silence any critics and to prove my method was no fluke, I pulled out a 30-incher to finish the day.

Off to Hawaii for our late Honeymoon

I had a blast exploring the Big Island with my awesome wife.  I Even managed to get a couple days fishing in.  That's all it was, fishing not catching.  We didn't get skunked but it was close enough.

Hawaii is full of life, we enjoyed the sights and company of the Honu (Green sea turtle) daily.
Nicole's Blue Line Snapper
That's the kayak launch thingy, too bad we
never found the fish and didn't use it.
Baby Octopus I found inside some floating trash. Released alive and well.
John with a grouper.
The second day out the weather was much nicer and we headed out of Anaehoomalu Bay with great anticipation of some pullage. We avoided the Skunk but never found what we where looking for.
Trumpet Fish to avoid the skunk.

The very next day back home from Hawaii, I needed to redeem myself and catch some fish. No jet lag was going to stop me.  After a few lost fish due to a bad hook on my jig, success! 28" Redfish!

Reds at this size are a blast on light spinning tackle and will test your angling skill.

The very next weekend I was off to the Yak-Attack Tourney-what a blast. Nothing better than camping and fishing with old and new friends.  My results where poor even considering I caught almost 2 dozen bass.  Problem was the size of bass ranged 12-14 inches. I will be back next year.

First bass of the day.
The Rapala strikes again!

It wasn't long after the YakAttack Tournament that I was heading south to Charleston, S.C. for the IFA Kayak Tour.  With post tropical storm conditions, fishing was going to be tough with strong winds and muddy water.  The first day of pre-fishing was just a little paddling to check a few areas out.  The next day was frustrating.  There were Redfish all over the flooded grass, but trying to get one to bite was very difficult.  On tournament day I was greeted to much better weather but saw fewer fish.  I only had one Red bite and this was a pig, estimated 32-35 incher.  After a long battle I went to grab the leader and the Red took another run and this time it went right through a flooded spartina grass island and went out the backside.  That was no match for the 6lb test I was using.
S.C. Alligator, I got within a inches of this guy.

Staying a little closer to home and doing some exploring on the Peninsula.  Fishing has consisted of small Specks and Redfish.  Nothing worthy of a photo, but the sunsets never disappoint.
The last sunset of spring on the Peninsula

First trip to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and I was meet with strong North-East winds and rough seas.  I was not going to be discouraged though and was rewarded with some tasty triggers.
C.B.B.T. Triggers
No Sheeps or Spades yet for the year. When the weather allows I will be hitting the CBBT complex full throttle.

Sunset over the H.R.B.T.


To sum up Cobia Fishing, it is throwing money into a chum bucket and watching sharks chew it all up.  On my second and third trips I did spot several Cobia. One good run on a live eel under a float, problem was I got too excited and pulled the eel out of the Cobia's mouth.
Dan Smullen going on a ray ride.
I was determined not to lose my rig on this stupid Cow Nose Ray.  After a lengthy battle I was victorious!
You may be a “Pretty Lady” but you have little respect for others on the water and use poor etiquette.
This spot was still alive and breathing.
After giving a this shark some new lip piercings, maybe
he will stay away from future hooks.

This shark thought he was Jaws and was trying its best to take a chunk out of me. He settled for my paddle Leash instead.  ARC Paddle Leash shark tested and approved!

19" Red, First fish in the new kayak! 

Bought a new OK Trident 13, and had to quickly slim her up.  Shortly thereafter I went out to a nearby marina, launched and found a school of puppy drum between 18-19"s. I managed to catch a few and then called it a night as the wind was quite aggravating.

Sunday, July 22, was a rare occasion.  I was able to go out on my cousin’s boat and get everyone on to some fish.  We had some drag screaming action on the Eastern Shore prior to heading to the CBBT but, unfortunately the hook didn't stick. After loading up with bait we made it out to the 4th island and right away we were on the Spades.
Daron and his first ever Spade Fish
Storm approaching, time to head in.

I have a fishy feeling the rest of the summer is going to be great.  See y'all on the water!