Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A lonely Red

My first post hope y'all enjoy.

Cabin fever was starting to set in due to a lack of fishing the past two weeks, so I made plans to go togging on Sunday as being my only day with no other obligations to uphold.  Well mother nature wasn't too kind this past week or weekend and sent a cold front with some brisk winds our way.  It was just too nasty for the CBBT so on to plan B.  Plan B involved speck fishing and maybe some Stripers here and there.  Met up with Dan in my neck of the woods.  We were greeted to a rising high tide that just didn't want to quit.  After a short paddle and some off water kayak hauling we were back on the creek making our way to the Land of Gator trout!  This is where the story gets boring, we paddle there and nothing, then paddle to another spot and nothing...what the hell...not even spikes or evidence of any fish activity.  So not to be discouraged we continued on our way up the river to another one of my favorite spots.  I made a lure change to a Zoom "Swim’n Super Fluke Jr. in pearl using my new Kistler Z-bone ST ML paired with Stradic FJ 2500 spooled with 20# FINS XS braid.  Third cast into some rocky/wooden structure and Wham! Fish On!  At first I thought it was a Striper, but that fish was putting one hell of a bend in my rod and not coming up and no head shakes.  I had an itchy feeling it might be a Red, suspicions confirmed once it surfaced for a brief moment and saw the spotted tail, only for the elusive Red to take several more hair raising runs.  My nerves where high since I was using a 10 Lb. mono leader and was around lots of underwater obstructions.  But victory was mine on this day.

Thanks Dan for the photo.
                                                                   a closer look

That paddle tail stuck in the mouth of that Red has treated me well for the last two months.

With our hopes of finding more we continued on our hunt, but came up empty handed.  Overall a good day paddling with good company paying our dues.

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  1. Nicely done!! Wish I could have found a red this year.