Friday, April 20, 2012

Product Review - FINS Premium Superlines

FINS, for years chose to use their braiding expertise to manufacture braids for others who marketed superlines.  Over the years FINS offered these customers value added services to improve the performance of braided Spectra lines.  FINS, using their knowledge of superlines, developed coloring, coating and other post-processing techniques needed to make Spectra fiber lines user friendly.  FINS product line of situation braids is a natural evolution based on experiences and capabilities.  No single style of Superline will be universally liked nor is any one style best for all situations.  That's why FINS developed a line of situational braids, to offer anglers a choice depending on their situation and personal preferences.  FINS offers five styles of fishing Superlines, each one produced with genuine spectra fibers and manufactured at their Kentucky plant.

I have been using FINS XS, Windtamer and PRT Braid, for several months now.   I have been remarkably pleased with FINS line of braid. I currently have XS in the 15lb and 20lb test spooled on my reels. .  FINS XS is very smooth and slick, which is nice because it is smoother and quieter than other brands when coming through the guides.   I have tested this line the past fall and winter on the HRBT light line catching stripers and on the Elizabeth River chasing trout.

I also have a few spools of Windtamer for those breezy days in 15lb & 30lb test.  Windtamer braid has been treated to produce a more compacted round and smoother Superline with a firm body.  This enables Windtamer to pack very well on reels without pulling into itself and cuts through the wind to cast without wind knots and rod tip wrapping.  Saltwater inshore fishing is a situation where Windtamer stands out, particularly for those using bait casting reels. I have been using the Windtamer in the color pink.  The benefits of pink are low visibility below the water and high visibility above the water.

I have also started using the FINS Shock Absorbing Braid (SAB) which is designed to offer a little stretch for those fishing situations where a little give is helpful.  So far I have been using this for my topwater baits, big jerk baits and crank baits.  SAB is 75% spectra and 25% Dacron; this blend allows the line to stretch 8 to 10 percent when under a load.

If you are an angler who wants the best of the best, you have to try FINS Situational Braid.

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